Libraries ♥

I love the library. Looking back the library is something that formed and influenced my middle school to high school experience from what it could have been to what i eventually went to college for and what i still have a large appreciation and love for.

They allow people to have access to books and other things that can help build, educate, and inspire any and all ages. With programs, instruments, games, DVDs, CDs, and so much more* Like safe and comfortable spaces for all to read, work, write and learn in.  With a no judgement policy and a no censorship policy it helps to provide the atmosphere and encouragement to build up skills, talent and maybe bring attention to something that people may not know about regarding environment, history, themselves, etc.

Programs that are available in the city are pretty varied with the basics of tech (computer classes, etc), family searching, and many more. I find it amazing what is available to people and that some don’t even know they are there. I basically made this as a love note to the library and to all those who work in them and make a difference in everyone who goes into a library.

*Depending on the size and resources of the library, Not all are the same from my experience however there are interlibrary loans available for anyone who asks (Policies for those may be different at other libraries).

Gif from giphy, made by Ben Marriott tagged books, ink, tattoo, education, and read. Featured picture from pixabay under libraries.


One response to “Libraries ♥”

  1. I’ve always been a big reader, but would usually purchase my material unless borrowing it from a friend. This stopped after a deserved scolding from my sister, who reminded me of the value of your local library. Now online, I pick and choose, request and put on hold, all the things I want to read. I can’t believe I once did without this incredible (and free!) public resource. D’oh?

    Of course now, with Libraries being locked-down because of the virus, I’ve turned instead to re-reading from the mass of purchased books that I’ve boughten. So there Sis 😛! Not so dumb after all?


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