Change is happening

Hello all,

I haven’t been posting for some time but i have been working on some exciting things, I plan to share once i get closer to finishing them. In the mean time i’ve been rearenaging and playing arround wth the site layout and some other things, I cant garantee when i will be done but it will be slghtly differnet for the next bit arround here till i figure things out.

Like i said earlier I have some things i’ve been working on with the help of coursera, youtube and some people in my life. theres been a few more downs then i was antispiating but thats ok, im getting to where im meant to be.

With coursera im taking some courses on a few different topics (Im writting up a post on that currently, its in the second round of writing/editing), If anyones curious here is the link to coursera to take a look– .

Im waiting on a few arrivals to get started on some more things to start a bigger project i am quite excited for. i plan to experiment for the next few months and share how my progress goes. I’ll be sharing this one most likely in the new year about spring or so.

Im afriad thats all i have for you folks this update, I will be posting more fairly soon! Thanks for sticking arround and i hope you all have a lovely week!

See you all soon!



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