I’ve had a rocky road with writing over the years. As a kid, I tried many ways to get myself into writing and I couldn’t focus on it and it just wasn’t working, it took me 7 or so years to get to a point where I could actually sit down and write out what’s been happening throughout the day/week/month etc. As a kid when I did write it made me feel better, and even now I feel so much lighter than I would be if I wasn’t writing. In October 2020 I was getting to a point where I knew it would be rough if I didn’t get things out and I started my new journal in November. 

Since November I have filled three journals and im onto my fourth. It was annoying at first for me to build the routine but as time went on I very much look forward to writing out what has happened today, life updates, thoughts, feelings, drawings, it’s a big part of my nighttime routine. It happens after I do my usual things (wash makeup off, moisturize, brush teeth, put PJs on) and I put on something that will bring me some background noise and I put down whatever it is that will come out. It’s my high note for the day and something to look forward to once I wake up and have my tea/coffee in my system. 

There’s been changes in my mood, mental/emotional state, and im now able to go to sleep/wake up without feeling like im having a heart attack at all times (yay anxiety!). I won’t push someone to do something they won’t want to do, but i have encouraged some if they felt comfortable to give it (writing) a shot.  

If time travel existed I’d go back and tell younger me to start writing, just stop worrying about leaving something for someone to find and just get everything out. Life would have been a lot less .. much if I got some of the things deep-buried then out, now im happy to get to where I am now I just wish I didn’t have to go through as much as I did whilst younger. 

Sorry for the rambling post, things just popped out and felt right to put it down for whoever will read this. 

I hope everyone’s staying safe and having a lovely day! 

Till Next Time,


Image by Amanda Randolph from Pixabay


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