Do I want to dye my hair for fun or …

I have been in a rut lately and I’ve been wanting to change something. I had a moment last night where I had an impulse to dye my hair, I have the dye here ready to go, and im just going to get it all set up now. I think I want to go red but I dont have red dye here I have a cinnamon colour that has some auburn shades throughout. Im satisfied with the colour but id like to go maybe a ginger shade eventually. 

I dyed the hair, I may have had a little too much dye in the mix so I added it to my ends and scrubbed it into my roots so that will cover any spots I may have missed. I’ve done this more than a few times so im fairly certain it will balance out and be alright once it’s dry. Something that is enjoyable for me is the smell of hair dye, it’s almost like gas, bleach, vinegar, and nail polish. Something about it is just so nice and occasionally a little strong but with proper airflow and taking breaks, it’s not too bad. 

I look more like the aunt in big hero 6, with my hair darker and it feels more me I think im going to go red once I get more money saved up and im debating on extensions (clip-in when I feel like having long hair maybe permanent).

I started writing this debating whether it was a mental health thing or a fun thing. Im still not sure but im happy with the change, mind games are annoying and/or fun. Either way, im going to find out what kind of a thing it was once it passes. Till it does ill do what I can to help me relax, keep my anxiety at a manageable level and do what I can with my ADHD level at the time.  This is going to be a common theme throughout my posts but im not sure where this is going now so ill be off. I hope everyone is being safe and having a lovely week! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by Anastacia Cooper from Pixabay 


3 responses to “Do I want to dye my hair for fun or …”

  1. Reacting on an impulse isn’t always a right thing to do, but if you’re satisfied with your decision then that’s great!

    Enjoy the color 👍.


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