Something about old paper or older looking paper feels better than the very soft paper found in notebooks now. When you write on it you see the bumps, squiggles, and imperfections and you can feel the imperfections as you flip the page or hold a page down. 

There’s something about the way the pen glides, the feel of the textures that adds to the overall theme that notebooks, pads and looseleaf antique paper has. It shows the craftsmanship of making a book/paper is still around after all this time and still thriving. It brings me joy to write on imperfect paper and it makes writing at the end of the day feel special and more appreciated.

I think paper is something that can be such a little thing to bring happiness but it truly can make a day. The binding of a notebook/journal/planner can really make a difference (texture, material,  color sometimes) in how its used as well as the size of the over all. Im learning to bind paper, im starting with something thin and easy to afford paper and its going quite well, im going to use the skill to make gifts and little things for family/friends as of right now, how knows what the future holds. 

Im off for the day, i hope you’re all staying safe and having a fantastic day. 

Till Next Time,

MegMain Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


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