Random Thoughts From The Last Week

I wasn’t sure what to write so I thought id just give an update on how things are going this past week and what I’ve been up to. Which really hasn’t been much socially, I got over my cold, got a covid test (it was negative and all symptoms gone by Thursday evening!), allergies/sinuses haven’t been too bad which is great, and I only had 5 nights of bad sleep out of 7 which is pretty good! 

The covid test went smooth and made me feel much more comfortable going out to work and dealing with people. The pandemic has made me want to work from home, it would be flexible and as long as I had an internet connection and was near a grocery store and anything else I would need. 

Allergies/sinus issues tend to hit hard when the heat or AC is in use. I’ve inherited a morning cough that somewhat sounds like either a minor throat clearing or a smokers cough to a degree, my dad and granny have it, probably others as well in the family. If I ever have kids (im very slowly warming up to the idea) they will probably have the same cough.  Im kinda looking forward to that, it would be quite entertaining and id enjoy teaching and learning from them. 

I think I’ve fixed my sleep schedule or im on the way to having a more solid sleep schedule. Im looking forward to that and figuring out what has caused my sleep issues. 

This weekend was fairly uneventful, it’s been kinda nice. Saturday I went to work, did a load of laundry, cleaned and hang out with my gran. Today (Sunday) I had a quiet morning folding laundry (hurt my wrist somehow doing that, but it seems to be fine it’s just wrapped so I dont move it the opposite), watching history shows and just relaxing. 

Im an accident-prone person, I tend to hurt myself fairly easily. I will trip over air (still dont know how it happens, but it does), I can even cut myself with dull spoons, rounded edges, mandolins and more. I currently have a giant bruise on my left side on my leg that has appeared and im not even sure how it happened, this is a common thing for me. My dad has a similar issue only has had much more injuries than me, it’s a good thing in a way as he’s very good at patching up injuries and keeping a full up to date first aid kit at all times. I’ve started to carry a little first aid kit with me wherever I go just in case it’s needed for me or someone else. 

So all in all my week has been fairly entertaining and somehow felt like multiple Mondays till yesterday (Saturday) and I hope next week is less like monday for five days. 

Im off for the day, I hope your upcoming week will go well. Have a fantastic week and stay safe out there! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Martin Frost from Pixabay


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