Happy New Years!

This last year has been interesting, and it’s something that I can safely say id like to take what I learned and hopefully, it made me into a better version of myself. I think it’s going to be quite the ride this next year (2022), and things may change in a way to bring out some good things! 

I plan to spend New Years Eve curled up with a good book, crocheting or writing while watching a show/movie. It’s going to be pretty relaxing and chill, im not one for going all out. I stopped going out when I was 21/22, it was fun for a short time, but it wasn’t my scene and im more of a homebody. 

The end of the year has been interesting; I’ve spent it building display items for the store, writing, cleaning, ordering hand cream (Canadian winters are fun on the hands), giving myself a pedicure/manicure, Im debating doing a hair mask and taking it easy in the morning for the new year.  

I haven’t made a resolution for four or so years, but I think im going to this year. Im going to take things as they come and try not to overthink everything, taking time for myself whether it be in the morning (taking some tea to bed and reading for the start of the day, at the end of the day, or in between), and take more risks (not be overly cautious about everything). It’s the little things that get us to the bigger steps, and the little things matter as much as the significant changes. 

Im trashing toxic positivity, forcing myself to change and being scared of changes, it’s not something I expect to stop having my brain go to, but im making it leave the active side of the thoughts. 

With that being said im off for the day; I hope your start of the year is a cozy, comfortable and easy one!  

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Pexels from Pixabay


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