Things That Helps Me Run My Blog

I like to think I’ve learned a little bit as I’ve posted more on the blog, and I’ve been debating making a master list of things (tips, tricks, and odds & ends). 

I’ve found these that help me to run the blog;

Pixabay: Free images and royalty-free stock images and videos. Lots of variety and I include a link to whoever posts the pictures as they are free, but I like to help them in any way I can (you also have the option to buy some coffee, and I recommend it if you have the budget to do so). Pictures taken/made by you are lovely, too; I would recommend watermarking them if you are posting them. 

Grammarly: I should preface this and say I use this all the time as I tend to write slower than I think, and I have a habit of skipping some words, so this helps keep it relatively straightforward. This is a lifesaver for me, I love this, and I wish I had this when I was in college; it makes more sense of what im writing and keeps me sounding the way id like to in whatever im writing. 

Google Docs: I use this to write/edit because im able to access it through my phone or computer, and I like its style more than just writing in the WordPress post (im particular, I’ve learned to live with it). And it helps me to keep track of any rewrites, random notes from around the time, edits and links if I want to add them to the blog post. 

Tips (from an ADHD person who sometimes can’t focus);

Play a movie/show you’ve watched but got bored of: I find that thats how I focus best, especially if I have it memorized as I know what’s going to happen, so im not jumping or reacting to it ( currently, these are my go-to: Clue: The movie, Wrath of Man, and David Attenborough documentaries). 

Keep to a habit: now I know that this may not work for everyone, but I find keeping to a routine before I write or during the process helps to keep the mind clear and make me feel like im not going to get distracted. 

Posting around the same time: this helps to keep me motivated as im setting a loose time frame as it’s not limiting what I post but giving me time to get something out by. *This does not always work with everything happening in my life.

Keep an open mind while writing: This part I struggle with sometimes as im impulsive, so I will change my mind about something halfway through. Or see something on tv that will give me an idea for writing, and I will hyperfocus on that. 

Comfortable Writing space: I make a comfortable workstation, usually using an empty wine box flipped over on my bed, ensuring I have enough space to sit comfortably and have good support for the back. I also recommend a beanbag chair or any other comfortable seat with something nearby to hold a beverage and some snacks. I also think a pillow for behind your back if sitting in a beanbag chair and a blanket can upgrade from comfortable to downright cozy. 

Some other little ones are taking breaks, experimenting with different styles, and most important, writing what makes you happy. Im not sure how helpful this will be, but it was fun to make. Thats all I have to add today; I hope all is well and everyone’s staying safe! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay 


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