Christmas Dinner and Festive Thoughts

Christmas Dinner is a lovely meal; it brings together your chosen family, blood family and those who you want to celebrate with. I spent mine surrounded by family, and we ate some good food, had some fun with some Christmas gifts, caught up on life updates, and had a few laughs. Wee man had a fun time showing us fortnight, playing air hockey and more.

I had to work today, so I ended up coming home a bit later last night; it’s a stat holiday, so I only had to work five hours today, which is nice. 

I started this monday, and I have since finished two shifts, taken Wee Pup to the dog park, done laundry and got some of the things around the place done. Ive used some of the gifts ive gotten, and I love them; one is a rolling laundry bin, and it makes doing laundry so much better! 

Im very thankful for the gifts ive received, but I think what I enjoyed the most was spending time with family and eating the food prepared for us all. There’s something about the memories and coming together as a family broken, chosen or never broken that makes for the best time. 

Anywho thats all my thoughts on holidays, and I dont know where to end this, so im off for the day; I hope you’re doing well! 

Till Next Time, 


Main image by Me


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