Cinnamon Buns and Memories

I thought id get into the spirit of new years by making baked goods. Every year for new years day, my family get together and celebrate the first day of the year; we eat good food, talk alot and catch up on what’s been happening. 

Im working on new years day this year, so I made cinnamon buns (second try), and they turned out amazing! I had a lot of extra dough without the cinnamon spread, so I used what was left and made cinnamon twists and cinnamon apple rounds. For my icing, I also ran out of the regular stuff, so I made icing with almond milk, vanilla and icing sugar. It was sweet without being too sweet; I also added more cinnamon than recommended cause I love cinnamon and find it’s not enough usually for me. 

Im not really feeling like working tomorrow; id much rather sleep in, but I spent today doing laundry, some cleaning, and relaxing while prepping for the shift stretch coming up. 

So I started this before I found out some news yesterday, im feeling a little overwhelmed and im not sure what to feel. It just feels strange, and im not sure how to process everything that I’ve been thinking/feeling. I know I should give myself time to grieve and process it; it’s just hard to find focus. 

Anywho im off for the day; it’s been a strange day or two. I hope you’re having a nice day! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by Peter H from Pixabay 


Dairy-free icing:


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