Brownies and Life Update

Ive been working, doing what needs doing, and sleeping essentially. There’s been lots of talking with family, yoga, and walking, among other things. It’s been more of a blah few weeks of work with entertainment sprinkled throughout (and some interesting customers coming by, I swear it was a full-moon vibe most of the month). My mental health has been ok. I’ve been doing more yoga, some weight lifting here and there and some other stuff to help balance it all out; It’s working; I just need to keep at it.

The wee pup is turning one soon, which feels strange. I know times passed, but he was once this wee wee pup who was tiny as can be and now hes a great big mini horse who thinks hes a chihuahua. Hes going through his spring shed, and it’s about 5 minutes after cleaning that, hes got his toys, and all else spread everywhere like it was before you cleaned. Teddys got some new treats; one is an orange cookie-like thing, and the other is a hay cake with potato and parsnip. I hope he enjoys them, hes been doing good otherwise, fluffy as always, chattering away to himself into the night as I sleep; he is up when im getting ready, so I give him a treat then id go about whatever I need to do to get prepared for my shift. If im off work,hes sleeping when I get up, and I give him a treat later in the day once he wakes up and he has a grand old time. 

Ive been doing more Korean and french learning, im finding it more fun to learn through apps with a bit more structure and less as it would be in a class setting. It’s making it fun and easier for the shows I like to be understood; it’s like finding the right pieces of a puzzle. 

Being bored the other day, I decided to make a playlist and share it so it could be listened to. I started with the songs ive had on repeat most of the past little while and went on from there. The link to the playlist is here, I made it on youtube music, and I still need to test it, but hopefully, it works; if it doesn’t, please let me know. Also, being bored, I started making a blanket using whatever yarn I had, and it’s all the same weight, so it’s meant to be; it’s a mix of bright and non-bright colours that may look wild. 

The house smells of brownies; I made a batch of them cause I was craving something sweet, and it was in the cupboard; they are delicious and an excellent way to end the day. They did get stuck in the pan, and some are a little more crispy than others; otherwise, they are good. 

It’s the next day; the brownies were all stuck to the pan and was a good deal harder than they should have been, but they tasted lovely. Wee Pup went to the dog park, and I did some of the boring things I put off. I thought id add more to this, but I can’t find where I left off yesterday before going to bed, so im going to end this here; I how your long weekend is going well! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay 

The playlist link is here as well: 


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