Wee Pup and Lattes

The Wee Pup turned one recently. It’s a little scary yet cool how much of a difference time can make because he’s now huge compared to what he was, and there have been so many changes since then. 

He’s gone from a tiny little thing who slept 90% of the time to this huge fluffy goober who loves to play, thinks he’s tiny as shit and has so much love shining in his eyes while he blankly watches you as you’re going about your business. If he were a cartoon, he would be like the golden pixie and Brutus (webcomic, very cute), the wee pup has his blonde moments, but he’s learning every day, so it’s always an adventure. 

I started this yesterday, I wanted something light and fluffy, but that’s not the words currently flowing. It’s a wee bit more of a rant and some advice; if you are going through any fast food restaurant and it’s slow, or someone does something nice and pays for your order, please don’t bite the head of the worker. They are probably scrabbling to keep up and doing the very best they can to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible that they can control. If someone pays for your order and you collect points per purchase, don’t get mad that the employee that someone took your points; we can’t control when someone wants to do a random act of kindness, and if you get angry, maybe there can be a refund if it’s that bad of an issue for you. 

In summary: Don’t be a dick when you are hungover or suffering from whatever decisions you made the night before. And if you see a dog and get permission, please boop the snoot and tell them what a cute and good pup they are. 

That’s all I have; I hope your days are going well. 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Me. 

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