Winter Music Recap and Life Update

I got my Winter playlist the other day, and it’s pretty good; here is the link for you Winter 2023 Recap if you want to check it out. The playlist includes the following artists/songs and more cause im not going to type everything out;


Taylor Swift


Sam Smith 




Monsta X 

Selena Gomez 


Alec Benjamin 


Chris Young 







Among others, I can’t remember all of the artists, but thats who stick out most in my memory, they aren’t necessarily in order, but all the songs are lovely, and even the pup listens to them with me.  

In other news, it’s been a bit of a rough week for me; with spring bringing out green, my sinuses have been wreaking havoc, and ive had more days with sinus pain and some days, it’s been sinus headaches over just congestion which isn’t ideal. Work has been ok; it’s more of a shit show than average with the business picking up nearby and us not having quite enough staff for the number of people, so the team have been tenser more often than not. Im doing more yoga/weightlifting and walking to deal with the stress, and im leaving more of the stress at work, which is nice. 

Im going to need heavier weights soon; the ones I have are starting to feel light which is a good sign. I haven’t always had the best body image, but ive come to terms with the fact that regardless of how I look, I need to get from one point to the other, and I need to be able to lift and carry things myself as I may not have someone to help me always; As long as im happy and surviving thats the main thing. Ive been looking into the kettle ball type weights that you can swing easier, and it makes for an easier grip for me, and adapting some exercises, so it’s easier for me to get used to them and move to the more advanced part of them and im pretty happy with the results. I picked up a book on restorative yoga which should help with sleep, boost energy, ease back pain and beat stress, ive added one so far into my practice. It definitely helped ease back pain a wee bit, but im building muscles there, so there is only so much it will take away as im gaining more day by day, but time will tell. 

Ive decided to give dating a try, it’s through an app so I can reach out to people when I have a free moment, and there are lots of people out there; I may end up meeting friends, or I may meet the person actually in person if im that lucky. I also found another app ive been using (well, technically two, but I just downloaded the one yesterday); the first app is finch, and it’s helping to build basic routines; the other app ive had but just started using more is Simplish. Simplish is one to manage projects, has built-in to-do lists, and multiple people can see the same one too; I use one for the blog and one for personal, so I can keep track of what im doing, and the goals have. 

I had more words, but I got distracted by the Wee Pup, so im off for the day; I hope your weekend went well and something extraordinary happens this week! 

Till Next Time,


Main image by Me

Ps. I got told I made it to staff in something im in, and I did a happy dance; the dog was confused but did a little dance, too (his dance was much better than mine). Have a lovely day!


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