Blah Moods and Misc Thoughts

I started writing a post about things that have brought me joy, and I got part of it done and wasn’t feeling it. I dont know if it’s cause I slept late today or what, but it’s just been a strange mood day. The dog has had higher-than-average clinginess; if im out of sight, he would panic (has calmed down now, so hes across the house as im writing this); he didn’t want me to leave the house to run over across the hallway to do laundry. Hes good now it’s done and currently sitting behind me on the bed, yet to be folded cause I really dont care to fold it (most of it gets hung up anyways). We are supposed to get a storm today; maybe thats why hes being strange; I put a Taylor Swift folklore music documentary thing on, and that helped him calm down a bit, so we are listening to every single Taylor Swift song I can find cause she has a lovely voice and he relaxes to her. 

I’ve gotten into TikTok today, and I love to watch videos on hoof repair in cows (I dont know why, but it’s relaxing somehow). It just makes me happy, so im going to add the things that bring me joy and im sorry for the chaos of this post, but it does match my mood today. 

Midnight Poppy Land on Webtoon

Taylor swifts Folklore

The Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter  on Tapas

Crazy Like a Fox on Tapas

American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition – Audiobook



Good Friends 


Meal Prepping

Bill Nye’s Tiktok 

Thats all I have for today; I hope you’re having a delightful day and a lovely Easter Weekend! 

Till Next Time,


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