divine Evil Review and Niykee Heaton

This song had been playing since I walked to work yesterday morning, around 5 am and has been playing on and off in my head till around 3 pm today – Starting Over – Niykee Heaton. Now I don’t have anyone im healing from, trying to get over, or anything of the sort; however, it hits in the feels, and it’s a chill vibe somehow (or it could just be me). Their voice is fantastic and instantly makes me feel like I should be puttering around the house, relaxing, and just enjoying the day. 

I finished Divine Evil by Nora Roberts, I have seen it on shelves, but I didn’t remember reading it previously. About halfway through, it triggered some sort of memory, but it was a vague sense of knowing some part of the book (I couldn’t remember anything specific); it was a strange little moment but a wonderful read all around. It did have some surprises I didn’t see coming, but it makes sense looking back on the descriptions in certain scenes. It was a lovely read, with a lil bit of romance, mystery, and murder sprinkled in.  I’ve written about Nora Roberts alot in the blog, but they are one of my favourite authors, and I love reading/rereading their works; Nora is one of the authors who got me hooked on romance and introduced me to so many others (and more to come too). 

Thats all my thoughts; I had more earlier, but I was at work and couldn’t write them down, so they went off into the abyss to come back either when im sleeping or when it’s the worst possible time. 

I hope you have a delightful friday and a lovely Weekend! 

Till Next Time,


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