Clearing My Thoughts

I had a bit of a rough day, I had about 44 minutes of sleep, according to my Fitbit, and it’s a wee bit of a downhill day. I made some soup with some stuff in the fridge, and it turned into a chicken broth with rice and some veggies; it turned out amazing, and it’s perfectly spicy without being too much. I had little to no sleep last night, so im trying to get myself into a crashing mood to get a decent amount of sleep for tomorrow’s shift. 

Today is (as im writing this) Star Wars Day, which is exciting and worthy of all the puns. Im not watching anything Star Wars today, but I have watched jeff goldblum do his docuseries on several random things – the best being tattooing/tattoos, and im currently watching Drain the Oceans from national geographic. Im curled up under a blanket, eating my spicy soup and enjoying feeling like I have motivation, I made my lunch for tomorrow, supper prepped for tomorrow night, and I had a nice hot shower as I had to clean some gross things at work today (human faeces) so it felt very nice to have a hot shower and eat some food while having some quiet noise (what id like to have in the background) as work was lots of beeping, loud noises and louder conversations. So I tend to enjoy sitting/puttering around with general quiet with maybe some music, but generally quiet, and it’s glorious, I tell you. 

Ive been playing Monopoly more in my free time, it’s on an app, but I think I would enjoy the board game, but thats a bit harder to bring to work, so the app is ok for that. Im pretty far into the assembly of my afghan, it’s a horrible colour mix, but it’s warm and cozy. Im on a long stretch between days off, so I hope to relax and enjoy the downtime I have between shifts; listening to Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie has helped, and so does the playlist of music I have (im building what I listen to most for you to listen to if you’d like). The walks are entertaining with people watching and music and the occasional bus ride home if I dont feel like walking. 

Besides all of that, I’ve been doing some prep for a side project with a friend, doing scalp massages and conditioning treatments for my hair, and yoga, and I just got paid and am ordering some ice cream cause I feel like it’s a good day for it. Im going to eat it, do some yoga, take care of the lizard and hampster and crash. Im so happy, it’s been a strange day, and it’s exhausting during the current week at work due to the number of shenanigans that pop up, and it makes everyone feel a wee bit burnt out and ready for a vacation; I had the last two days off and ive been mostly cleaning so I didn’t get to enjoy the quiet as much, and today was really busy, it’s for a good cause, but it makes for a long week. 

I dont have any words coming up now, so I will be off to listen to my book, do some yoga and enjoy my ice cream. I hope your day is going lovely! 

Till Next Time, 


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