Learning ASL

Why I want to learn ASL and my sources

I recently have gotten quite sick and am currently on day three of losing my voice. I have forgotten how much i depend on my voice to help me communicate my needs and wants to those around me.

During this time i realized that i could learn asl as it would be useful to me in my daily life should I or someone else be unable to speak for various reasons. This lead to me loading up my laptop and start researching online sources for beginners lesson plans on google and youtube.

I went through a few posts on youtube when one popped out at me, It was called the first 100 signs you need to know! by Rochelle Barlow* (linked below!). I was intrigued and i clicked on it.

While watching it through an infographic popped up with First 100 signs checklist and first 100 signs you should know. I clicked on the first option it brought me to a page, I filled out some information and am now signed up for her asl quickstart course. This course has everything from the alphabet, beginning fingerspelling, vocab, tips, and tricks to help remember things and so much more!

I’m currently on how to use your asl dictionary (just bought one arriving this Tuesday!). I am enjoying everything so far and am very excited to see where things go from here on!

I shall update as i go along in my journey (hopefully once a week or so!)


*The first 100 signs you should know – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUMEcnkvhJU&t=40s

Rochelle Barrlows websitehttps://aslrochelle.com/


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