Books that hooked me recently

As a kid, I always had several books on the shelves in my families houses, most of the books were romance novels. I never got why romance/mystery was so fascinating to people, It wasn’t until high school and I was looking for a way to get away from the everyday life when it hit me why it’s so popular. It’s in a way a take a break from being an ordinary human to turn into the character that’s falling in love, going on an adventure or finding a serial killer whichever it is that you read.

I have read and will continue to do so for learning of personal use. I decided to make a post about what I’ve been reading whether it be on my phone with apple books, audible, paperback or hardcover books (my personal preference is hardcover).

So in no particular order, here are the books I’ve been reading the last 6 or so months.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman  

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman 

Shelter in place by Nora Roberts 

Birthright by Nora Roberts

Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts

The liar by Nora Roberts 

Come Sundown by Nora Roberts 

Sacred Sins by Nora Roberts 

Brazen Virtue by Nora Roberts

The Villa by Nora Roberts

The Sanctuary by Nora Roberts

Summer cove by Nora Roberts 

Mythology by Edith Hamilton

Dual Image by Nora Roberts 

At Sunrise by Nora Roberts 

Time of death J.D. Robb

The Obsession by Nora Roberts

Brotherhood in Death by J.D Robb

Leverage in Death by J.D Robb

Secrets in Death by J.D Robb

Echos in Death by J.D Robb

 Falling for you by Leeanna Morgan

Escape to Indigo Bay by Jean Oram, Jeanette Lewis, Stacy Claflin, and Melissa McClone 

Moonshine and Murder by Kathleen Brooks 

Bluegrass state of mind by Kathleen Brooks

Forever Entangled by Kathleen Brooks 

Bluegrass Undercover by Kathleen Brooks

Southern Spirits by Angie Fox

Sit… Stay… Beg by Roxanne St.Claire 

Under Currents  by Nora Roberts 

Reading this you can probably tell I enjoy Nora Roberts’ books. I grew up with her in my houses, they were always on the shelf. At thirteen or thereabouts, I was reading Nora Roberts’, I have since tripled the Nora Roberts collection my mum had when i was growing up adding Nora’s pseudonym J.D Robb to the collection. There are periods where i read only murder mysteries, and others for lighter topics (Romance, short stories, etc). I’m currently in a Light topic phase so it’s a lot of somewhat dark but not too deep books.

Readers what books have you read lately? Do you like reading? Thank you for sticking around till now, I hope you enjoy what i post. I am striving to become a better writer with each post i make. I hope everyone has a lovely week!






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