Self-care and me-time things

  I know there are lots of articles, talks and conversations going on about self-care, and taking time for yourself. Im writing this to share the things I’ve tried and found worked for me and may for others. I have been taking more care personally in the past year and a half, it has been a lot of work but i was able to in the time so far become calmer, less anxious, and more mindful of what i say and how i think.

Some things I have found to work is yoga/stretching, writing, deep breathing, crafting, nail painting and setting a morning/night routine to help balance out the sleep schedule and how much social media i actually look at. Some little things i do for sanity and just little bits of care are baths, cups of mint tea, face masks, hair dye, light candles and nail painting.


I have baths daily, i love a nice bath to start the day off and make me feel like im putting my best foot forward. You can make it a bubble bath, one with Epson salts and essential oils, a nice soup or bath bomb, it’s really up to your mood and what you have time for. They also make having a cup of tea or coffee feel more luxurious then it is, I highly recommend a nice mug of mint hot chocolate or a tea latte while having a bath.


Tea helps with all things honestly, I didn’t like tea for a while but got into mint tea and I greatly enjoy a nice herbal tea in the afternoon or an English breakfast if its early morning. I find it to just help center thoughts and ground me in a moment I may not be quite balanced. It is a warm mug that somehow makes one feel instantly comforted like a nice bowl of soup on a cold day.

Cosmetics & skin/nail care

I have learned over the years to have a healthy relationship with makeup, I now use it to enhance what i love about my face and give myself a boost in confidence if im feeling blah or biting my lip too much. I paint my nails maybe twice a month or more depending on my mood and how much nail polish is chipping, I have fallen in love with gel polish and manicure/pedicures. I try to do a face mask every week or two along with a deep conditioning hair mask at the same time, along with my usual skincare routine it does wonders and doesn’t dry out my skin.


It took me about 4 or so years to find a person i can watch the videos of and actually like and am willing to follow along with. I found yogatx first, and it was fine, i could follow along but i wasn’t really relaxing. It is a wonderful channel that helps many but it just wasn’t for me. after one of the videos from yogatx i was suggested to watch one by yogawithadriene, i was curious so i tried it out. I fell in love with how the video flowed, the calmness of her voice, and how she carried herself through the videos. I now follow her videos about 6-7 days of the week with 10 to 60-minute practices. I suggest her to anyone who wants to try it out and see how it goes. She does videos on deep breathing and meditation as well as a few other things. I highly recommend checking out her website and youtube channel to find out more info.


I started this blog shortly after I started taking better care of myself, and my main goal with this was to work on my writing and actually do things and be more social. I am a hermit by choice, I love my alone time and I can thrive easily being alone, doing my own thing. This is my way of keeping my brain from going in thirty different directions, rewiring my writing process to get my thoughts out clearer and have something to share my interests in and maybe meet people who have similar interests.  So far its been good, there is a difference in the way I write and how im able to get my words out the way I am ok with, I write here and i journal now and it has been a lovely experience.


I love creating something that i can share or give to someone i love and care for is one of my favourite things. I do crocheting, knitting, painting (with water-colour/acrylic/oils and a few others), drawing, and painting my nails. I switch out things im doing based on the time of the year it is if it’s colder out I will knit, crochet, nail painting, draw and traditional paint. If its spring or summer, I will draw, paint or occasionally photography as well. Painting sometimes requires me to be in the right mindset but usually comes out with a lot of things done in a short amount of time. I will post some photos of things I’ve done once i find them, i know i have them just don’t know where they are.

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