Some ways to Keep Boredom at bay while Staying Home

With all that is happening in the world currently, it is safer for all to practice social distancing and staying home unless you need something or you are an essential worker. In all the free time currently given to me, I decided to share some of the things I’ve been doing since the shutdown started to entertain myself and keep some sanity. I may miss a few things but i will include all that I remember and highly recommend if you need a little break or something new to try out.

Yoga– Yogawithadriene is a lovely calm yoga lady who posts all types of yoga for all levels and is a great introduction to yoga (It took me a few months and a few different people on youtube to get into yoga and stick with it) I recommend her to everyone who wants to get into yoga.

Painting/drawing– It is a wonderful way to get things out that you may or may not be able to cultivate words for. It’s also a lovely way to just clear your thought process or show appreciation for something that is helping you through anything you may have or are currently going through.

Sewing– I love crafting in general and i have all the time in the world i want to give to any project so i have been creating little things, and i have found a plan for a facemask (not a medical-grade but it works for general running around should you need to and keeps me busy), I’m really enjoying using my hands to create something that can be useful and a great way to put some positivity into the world.

Candles and Reading– I like to keep my area around me to be  … zen or calm i guess for lack of better words. I have at least one candle lit at most times to spread a lovely smell throughout my house and helps give a bit of atmosphere to help keep things calm and collected even if you don’t feel it at the time. it also helps with winding down and makes me feel cozy when i have my evening cup of mint tea and am journaling. Many books can be read right now, many are new coming out too!

Break times – I use it quite liberally throughout my day, i have my morning break (coffee/tea #1) when i first wake up with a small bite to eat, round 2 about 10-11 am for my decaf coffee and eat my breakfast with it, round 3 around 4-5pm of mint tea, and finally about 7-8 my evening mint tea and i finish that before heading to bed. It took a while for me to figure out the system but I’ve got it worked out and enjoy it.

 Flowers– I treat myself to a bouquet of flowers usually once a month give or take and even given the circumstances i feel like i want to keep things somewhat normal to help my sanity and flowers bring colour, life and a nice reminder to stop and take things in as they are.

So some background for my next bit; I am a person who needs something in the background for my thoughts to be clear, I write listening to podcasts or audiobooks (or documentaries/music whichever i feel like having on) it helps to keep the part of my thought process that breaks off to distract busy with something so im able to get a clear path to my main goal of the moment. It can be strange, confusing at times but its how im able to get things out so i will gladly take it. It doesn’t just apply to writing, I find it to be easier to clean, fold laundry etc while having something on in the background and makes me feel like i accomplished more (i really can’t tell you why it’s just a thing that happens). Im constantly listening to something regardless of what im doing it keeps everything running smooth and I usually learn something throughout the experience.

Journaling/writing this blog– I am free to express myself with whatever i feel like posting here and in the case of journaling expressing the deep things i don’t share with anyone but i do need to get out. It is helping to balance things and hopefully keep myself/others entertained, and maybe encourage others to pick up writing whether it be for ones-self or for others to see.

Music– There is so much music coming out that I’m really enjoying as it is a great time to blast everything from childhood songs to the latest 5 seconds of summer album (amazing album btw if you haven’t heard it yet) or Niall Horan’s’ Heartbreak Weather (on repeat here). a lot of artists are writing and maybe dropping new music (very exciting) so there is something new to look forward to when putting on Spotify in the morning.

Also if you really are bored give tiktok a try. I caved I have it now, still don’t fully understand it however it’s highly entertaining if you need a palate cleanser.

I hope everyone reading this is safe, healthy and if anyone wants to reach out and talk im here (emails in about me).



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