Keeping Busy

During the stay at home, I’ve found it harder to get into and keep interested in hobbies i generally love. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy them, i find it a bit harder to keep my attention on them as i dont use them to relax after peopling too much.

Im getting more relaxed with my crocheting and can sit and draw or crochet like normal; it’s sometimes all i do for hours. Yoga is done every morning to get movement and exercise into my day; im getting quite bored. Due to my habit of not doing anything if no incentive (ADHD, it’s a fun time), i make a loosely structured plan for each day so i will actually get out of bed and be somewhat functioning.

Something I’ve been doing is using skillshare and a few other sites to learn random things (mostly writing and photography related), and it’s been quite nice, and a lot has been learned through the classes taken.
Is there anything you suggest doing/learning while passing the time at home? Is there anything you wish to learn?

Till next time,



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