Switching Things Up

Change is not always a bad thing. Sometimes the best thing you can do when your feeling blah is to add a little pizazz and boom you feel brand new!

I have been feeling down a bit more then usual, im not sure if the seasonal depresion, stress from working during a lockdown, anyways whatever the reason for it. I have been doing little things to boost myself up; Painting my nails, Doing my makeup, Doing my hair, spending more time on my morning and night routines, listening to my books/podcasts, and dressing as i feel for the day.

So in the last few weeks, ive been looking at my hair and thinking “I don’t like this, i need to change it”, “it looks drab” and “i want this to be gone, i want it red”. The last one stuck with me the most, i havent thought about any thing specific to do but red seemed to jump at me. I have had red before, had it for a year give or take a few weeks, i started 2020 with red hair but i got bored so i changed it to blonde, then blue and blonde again.

Hair is something that can be tied to your self confidence and self worth. Its something people might reconize and catagorize you in their head (i do this all the time, sorry to those who know me!), If you switch up your look often it can bring joy to those who look forward to seeing how someones expressing creativity and themselves to the world.

I wrote all of this really to say that i want to dye my hair red (profesionally when its safe to do so and funds and the rest set aside. I have my heart set on titan red, maybe a cooper if that would suit better. See here for the link to what i found-https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/547961479634208321/.

Is there something you do to change things up? How often do you do change something up wether it be hair, clothes or whatever else you choose? I hope your having a safe lovely time and doing somehing nice for yourself!

Happy Valentines Day and till next time.



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