Dont do what I did … Go to a professional please!

So with the shutdown, most things have been shut down for a good bit. They are starting to open up now with step 2 (i think, everything’s changing a bit fast for me to fully catch up), hair salons are starting to open up around my area and it’s quite exciting. 

I have been growing up my hair since July 2020 and I was starting to get impatient so on an impulse I started to trim my hair. I made a mistake and cut upwards so I now look like a mix between Rapunzel and Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6 (images below for reference). 



Im kinda a fan I like the style I just wish it was a little longer but it’s fun and a learning experience. 

All in all, I would suggest not follow through on the impulse to trim or touch your hair. They go to school to learn what to do and all the ins and out and what is best for each person. 

I hope everyone’s staying safe and having a wonderful weekend. 

Till Next Time 


Main image – Image by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay


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