Funky Days

Something has been in the air lately, im not sure if it’s the weather, the country starting to open up more, work stress … Im not sure what it has been but everything feels almost too much. 

Im not in a mood to finish this, ill finish it up another day. 

So it’s been two days and im in a better place to write. I did some crafting and some wringing out the brain. It was needed for sure and i have some beautifully prepped canvas for when im ready to go ahead with a design. Some need to be double-coated to make a more solid background but they are mostly done. 

Here are the canvases so far;

I might leave the orange gradient one alone and apply a nice thin layer of a matte protector and let it be. Painting is a very soothing mindless thing for me, I can get whatever is locked away or in my subconscious out. 

Thats really all thats coming out today. I hope everyone has a lovely week and ya’ll are staying safe out there. 

Till Next Time,



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