Polariod Camera’s And Great Memories

Like everything else from the ’90s and earlier, polaroids are becoming more popular and I love it. Some of the 1990’s early 2000’s things I could be ok with them not coming back into style (low rise jeans, platform shoes among them) however I love the polaroids, the matching sets, the sandals, the hairstyles, just some amazing things.  

The item that really gets me intrigued and excited is the polaroids, it’s a cute way to create memories, be able to capture a moment without using a  phone and just be present! I was pretty young in the late 1990’s/early 2000s but I have some distinct memories of someone taking pictures with a polaroid camera and I have been fascinated since then! So I bit the bullet and I picked one up. It is so worth the pretty affordable price and I got a little set to go with so I can customize any of the pictures or make a collage or something with it! 

The camera I got was the Instax Mini 11 in White, with a blush pink case and some extra packs of instant film (see below). There are many other colors for the case and the camera as well and you can get stickers for the camera as well, I left mine plain.

To test the camera fully I brought it with me to a family drive/beach day. It turned out amazing, we got really good shots and we got some good memories. We plan on doing something special with them and it’s going to be so cute once it’s done.

Im going to have lots of fun creating memories and its going to be a real treat for those who are with me at the time haha. I dont really have much else to write but I do encourage If you can and have been thinking about getting a polaroid camera I recommend it. It’s going to be a good time and quite fun. 

Till Next Time 


Main Image by Igor Ovsyannykov from Pixabay 

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