Im in a sentimental mood today. I had a conversation that brought up more then a few questions that no one we know can answer fully as well the situation was one no one ever mentioned in social or family circles, it was all hush hush, this never happened and you can just hide everything.  Besides that i just got thinking of my childhood and some of the best parts came forward and made me feel a bit melencoly knowing someone was going through or has gone through all that.

Im not sure where im going with this post, i just had a feeling to continue writing and it will take me to wherever it writing this sitting on the back deck looking out to the water, my granny beside me knitting, listening to an instrumental playlist she made of her favorite songs and the breeze as it blows through the leaves. Its a quiet night on the water, little to no boats/ships going down, just a nice breeze and a smell of rain to come. This view is something that can be soothing and entertaininng, you can see straight to the other side of the water and you can even participate in some of the festivals and things happening there depending on how loud it is. Its nice on some holidays and ocations but can be teriffying when they set of fireworks, it sounds like someones getting shot outside my window.

Back to the view, the trees are gently swaying, flowers bobbing in the wind, water flowing in a soothing pattern, the neighbours are making some noise as they swim and go about their evening and im enjoying the quiet night. The veiw on the water is a little foggy/hazy and looking like a 90’s polariod of the trees, the bridge is glowing faintlyas dusk is approching. Its a picture perfect evening with wonderful company.

This post while being slightly confusing to write turned out pretty theraputic so I wish everyone reading this wonderful wishes and dreams. I hope everyones doing alright and work goes wonderfully for all.

Till Next Time



2 responses to “Sentimental”

  1. I generally don’t care for it when people say, “oh man, you gotta write a book”, but after reading several of your blog entries, I am having thoughts adjacent to same.
    The way you describe your seat by the lake transported me there. It’s so vivid!
    I guess my request is that you at least keep writing things like this, but if you decided to someday write more and have something bound, that would be super rad.

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    • Thank you! I’m working on a rough draft right now (its not the very best but who says the first one is going to be the best work) but I got some good scenes in there that might be up your alley!

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