Technology. It can be good or bad, annoying and fantastic. I think the world can be wonderful, but sometimes technology can just be in the but. I had an interesting time today; I woke up well past when I wanted to wake up ( I must have needed sleep). My laptop decided to crash seven times, and I think it may be fixed, but I don’t know fully, so I’m hoping the instructions I followed fixed my issue; I need my laptop for personal and work use. 

Tech can be pretty funky, but we can be so attached and addicted in some cases. I’m a hypocrite when it comes to technology, I say I don’t use it often, and then I go ahead and read on my phone, write, talk to people, keep up to date on current events, keep up with people in my life. There are many reasons, and it’s just starting really with all the updates and new tech coming around and updating. 

I am becoming more efficient with tech repairs and what not working in a tech store and the college degree I have. It’s a cool thing to know and constantly changing, so it will be fun to see how things progress and where we go from where we are now. I hope some of the older things will stick around like book making, places like Upper Canada Village, interactive museum exhibits, and such to show and share how things work.     

 Tech can be a blessing and a curse, and taking time from it is an understandable and valid thing; Im not sure where the rest of this post is going, so im going to end it here. I hope everyone’s staying safe and doing well! 

Till Next Time 


Main Image by LUM3N from Pixabay


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