What I’ve Been Up Too This Week

So this past week has been pretty eventful, we got a new staff member (they are delightful and I’m so happy to work with them!) at the store so its been a week of getting settled into a routine, training/retraining, reorganizing and giving the store a facelift.

I’ve been making some things using some of my clothing to be more sustainable and clean up some of my closet. So i turned a sweater into a pillow and a shirt into a short body pillow, I’m still working on better stitches but I’m quite happy with my new pillows!

The first picture is of a BTS sweatshirt that’s a little too tight but I didn’t want to get rid of it, its quite comfortable now and fluffy.

The second picture is of an old t-shirt that I turned into a little body pillow, quite comfy to use!

I’ve been making more bags as well and those pictures are posted to the Instagram (@madebymegeri) and it should be up. I cant get access to the page right now, the apps being funky for me. Any who my thoughts are swimming off on their own and not sure where this post is going so I’m off.

I hope everyone’s safe and well, and I will see you next time.

Till Next Time,



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