Rainy/Funky days

I woke up in a funk today so i thought id write it out and see where it gets me. Its a rainy day here, you can smell the fresh air and its just a touch cool (perfect for cozy clothes and spending the day relaxing). Its the perfect sweater weather, paired with yoga pants and fuzzy socks, a warm cup of coffee and sitting on a soft beanbag chair it makes for a delightful time! The heat and humidity that’s called for the next few days will be quiet intense apparently and I’m taking the cooler days and savouring them.

Im more of a fall season person and love when its rainy out and you can sit and enjoy a nice warm mug of tea or coffee (hot chocolate works too) and taking it easy watching the water or sitting enjoying a good book. These days are lovely for a movie day, or something like watching some documentaries while crocheting/embroidery/writing/puttering around its great for all occasions and hobbies.

I’m not sure where this post is going so I’m going to head off. I hope everyone is having a lovely week and staying safe!

Till Next Time,


Main Image by john Ioannidis from Pixabay


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