TikTok and more of my latest life updates.

This is a bit of a chaotic post but it very much shows my thought process for 90% of the time. 

So I downloaded tiktok recently and spent a good three hours going through my for you page and i didnt understand the hype for the app initially but im kinda getting it now. Its going to be a fun time finding out the right people and things to follow. 

I also got into Manta and have been reading a story called A Bookstore Romance and its so good! I highly recomend it, now its $4.99-$5.99 a month for access to everything but you can read for free you may hit a wall in some of the stories. I very much recommend the romance section, it just lifts the heart and brings joy. 

Another thing i have been obsessed with lately has been American Gods, ive listened to the book narrated by neil gaiman and its a delight! Ive been starting the show from the beginning and i am waiting for the next season to come out because it is just so good and detailed and just dang amazingly done. Also the actress who plays laura moon is just *cheffs kiss* and the  actor who plays shadow Moon  has clearly done his homework and is doing an amzing job to bring his character to life! Im currently on season 2 and its damn good. 

Music ive been istening to most (in no particular order) is; 


Alec Benjamin – Taylor Swift – I.M – BIGBANG – King Princess – Fletcher – Shania Twain – Nickelback – 5 Seconds of Summer  – Lewis Capaldi – Josh Turner 


Comfort Zone – This is Monsta X – Love Pop – This Is BIGBANG – This Is Taylor Swift – Bridgerton: Official Playlist – Hot Country – Cals Playlist – Broken Heart – Country Chill

I may have listened to more but thats all I remember currently. 

Something I’ve been really into is planning out my week roughly, working on a budget and keeping track of all expenses and such, and I started doing yoga once a week again. Its been a hectic time thoughts wise and there’s been lots of changes happening at work, and things in my personal life that I’m trying to change or workout before solidifying my plans for the future. 

Any who I’m off, I hope you’re all staying safe and all is going well! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by Darkmoon_Art from Pixabay 


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