Some new gems i found recently!

I had the immense joy of having an adventure with my best friend recently, and we had to do a little shopping run. Some backstory on them, they are a BIG movie person! They also can translate my most backwards sentence at an alarmingly fast rate (happens quite often, they joke that there’s a dictionary in their head to correct what I say and what my face is trying to say while words are having great difficulty) and even my dad cant get some of the sentences she can! 

Anywho, when we were in the store, we made a deal to get essential things and then take a quick peek at the movies(for her) and the yarn (for me). While there, I was looking around, and I walked down a random aisle, and I found the most scarring and enjoyable movie from my childhood (second to The Lion King); it was a box set of The Land Before Time: The Complete Collection (14 movies!!). I love Ducky and Petrie the most, such tiny beings in the film but so sassy and delightful! 

Besides finding the movie set, I found books 52 and 53 of the in death series by J. D. Robb, which is quite exciting I’m looking into ordering the 51st but with the book shortage (lack of supplies and demand higher, see @tubbyandcoos thread on Twitter for a rundown on the situation) and saving money in my nest egg I’m having a battle here. I love this series; I am slowly getting every book in the series, and I’m determined to eventually have them all in hardcover so it’s all matching and it’s a little easier for me to hold (i love paperbacks, but hardcover doesn’t fan out like them). I’m halfway through Faithless in Death currently, and it’s just so good; I love the writing style and pace so far.  Here is a link to the series list if anyone’s interested in J. D. Robb’s Full list

I shared this recently, but this playlist is fantastic; it has some upbeat chill music to keep you going and help with background noises for better focus!  The link is here Comfort Zone.

Mentally I am at a seaside cottage (see image for post), not really here but here. It’s a bit of a day where I can’t seem to focus too much, but I am getting a lot done considering and a decent amount of it is very focused (I thank the over-ear noise-cancelling headphones that are a blessing) and the above playlist. When my brain can’t focus, I tend to put on these headphones and a playlist (changes by the mood, it’s been a chill background type of music lately) playing for hours, and I seem to be able to focus much better than if I’m not wearing the headphones. I don’t know if it’s just an ADHD thing, a lack of sleep (low quality of sleep for some time), or I am just bored, but it seems to be stronger than usual on my days off and thankfully not this bad when I’m at work, so I don’t have it reflecting on my quality of work. 

ADHD is a funny thing sometimes, you can’t force it to cooperate, and it will do its own thing more often than not. Looking back on my posts, I can tell when I was having a good or rough time focusing based on the length and type of post made. Today is a pretty good day for writing, and focus is so-so; there’s more bouncing between my one-topic posts. Some of my posts are quite short and sweet, some are quite rambly, and then there’s my in-between. Todays my more rambling post with a larger dose of focus I haven’t had in a few weeks, I’m more carefree today, so the language is flowier from me and feels very blended (I could be biased saying that) compared to what I think it is.   

The main Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay , and this is the cottage im at mentally today

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