Its A Cozy Night In

It’s been a cozy afternoon; I got home from work and put my comfy clothes on and got to cleaning and some other minor things done around the house. I find cleaning to be very relaxing when I’m in the right mood (stressful the rest of the time, I don’t know why), and I got some new cleaner, so I got to crack that open, and it was pretty lovely (i felt very excited to try this cause I’m particular about the type and smell of the products used) and cleaned to my heart’s content. 

Pizza was put in the oven shortly after finishing cleaning, (spinach, cheese and ham, it’s a good combo), poured me a small glass of wine, and put my first load of laundry on. There’s something about just sitting by yourself, eating some good food and watching or listening to some good shows/music. Knowing you are the only person around. Im, an introverted person who loves talking to those close to me and those I tend to gravitate to. It’s been hard to open up to people and let them in; it’s easier than it was in the past, but I still find it to be an uncomfortable experience in some ways.  

Days like this are my way of processing and reconfiguring my thoughts; I know not everyone does this with cleaning; it could be running, walking, crafting, anything that brings that feeling (as long as it’s legal and nothing harming to others).

My anxiety has been really bad lately, and my sleep has been off, too; like the last few days, I’ve gotten maybe 3-4 hours of sleep each night. I need about 6-7 to feel rested and energized, I’ve cut out what tends to trigger these issues, but it seems like they aren’t what’s triggering my anxiety/sleep issues. My family has a history of insomnia, so it’s not surprising to have these happen, but it’s still annoying cause id like to get a rested sleep, and melatonin seems to do nothing for me. 

On a different tangent, I got thinking about vitamins (cause i keep them with the melatonin) and how with some dietary restrictions, they can be quite good, but most people, according to a quick google search, dont necessarily need them. 

Im not sure where this post is going, but I think it’s time to end it so, I hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend and staying safe! 

Till Next Time,

Main Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

My ADHD is a little funny today so i hope this is understandable.


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