Pumpkins, Hot Chocolate and Tattoos

It’s Halloween, the best holiday in the world (in my humble opinion). Where we can see cute kids and dogs in adorable costumes and get to see the joy when they get dressed up and given free candy (if you’re out trick or treating), and you get to see all the pumpkins carved, decorations and enjoy some of the more seasonal movies/tv shows. 

Today is a little chilly, a little dreary out and the perfect day for a cozy indoor day. With a warm mug of hot chocolate, a nice warm blanket, a good show/movie in the background and your feet up. A warm drink on a chilly day can warm the body and the soul, it soothes and eases ruffled feathers by your own or outside sources. Part of me wants to get a tattoo of a warm cup of coffee or tea so i can carry it with me always. 

On the topic of tattoos i can see myself with a sleeve or more tattoos but i dont want to permanently right now as im not sure of what i want so Inkbox comes in handy. They are a semi-permanent tattoo set that lasts for 2-3 weeks and they can be customized to whatever you like. I ordered a pumpkin, some disney, some animal (elephant, cat), Floral, some music, and a space tattoo. They will come in about a week or so, I’m quite excited as I got them in various sizes so I can experiment with how it will look and what i’d like. I find tattoos to be very soothing and calming, im not sure why but the sound of the tattoo gun is like listening to the water run. And you get a cool artpiece that may or may not have meaning to you. Mine so far have meaning and show my love for the best movie in the world (The Lion King), it helps me to get calm when im panicking or have anxiety, it gives me something to trace and center myself. 

Im off for now, im going to enjoy some CSI Miami and some animal crossing. I hope everyone is staying safe and having an lovely week and a lovely Halloween!

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


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