Sleep and Hobbits

I have a messed up sleep schedule, I’ve been making a routine that tends to help. Lately, I’ve noticed I seem to be more focused and have more of a drive to do things when im sitting down after washing my face brushing my teeth. I did some research, and part of it is, im alone and im more productive for the most part when there’s no one else around. 

Since I started writing, I feel like it’s been a more effective use of my time and seems to quiet the stream of thoughts and make it less chaotic. While making it less chaotic Im find it also makes me more exhausted so by the time im ready to sleep I dont wake up randomly and get a more restful sleep. 

I’ve been looking into some more information on this and I found these sites here:

Alot of these have notes and somewhat of an information overload in some ways. Some I experience some I dont, they all essentially say that if you get onto a schedule, relax before sleep, dont use screens before sleep (up to 30 minutes before bed), and avoid caffeine/sugar it should help to get to some level of (hopefully) restful sleep. 

Part of it does work for some, I can attest to that. I keep to a schedule before bed at the same time each night, sleep under a heavy (but not too heavy) blanket helps to make one feel secure and cozy and it tends to help with getting a night of good sleep.  Im basically a hobbit I live for cozy clothes, a nice atmosphere to sleep and food/books too. I find being a hobbit works best when it’s colder outside (in Canada it gets chilly around November and stays cold till march, with it being the coldest from December to march for the most part) cause no one blames you for not wanting to be outside when it’s -45 with a wind chill, so it’s more socially acceptable to just sit and read while maybe watching it snow with a cup of tea.

I think I would very much enjoy being a hobbit, more I’d enjoy being like bilbo going on adventures and learning about the various different things in middle earth while also being able to go to my hobbit hole for breaks between adventuring (if you haven’t heard of them you can learn more here). Of the hobbits, I feel more like a Samwise and merry/pippin cause im fiercely loyal, I would carry my friend anywhere if need be, I hope that people know they can depend on me and know I will be there if you need support (even if we dont talk all the time), I relate to merry/pippin by being chaotic yet lovable shits.

The articles are a good read, and can give more ideas into what may be something to help or explain how something could be connected. Learning is something that you can never stop doing regardless and its mostly fun (I didn’t like learning in highschool).

Anywho I’m not sure where this post is going so im going to head off for that day. I hope your day is going well! If you feel comfortable sharing id love to hear what creature you’d be from LOTR/Hobbit Stories down below.

Till Next Time,


Main image by Shingo_No from Pixabay 

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