Music To Work Too

So I’ve made a few of these posts, but I love music, and it truly helps me to focus and get things done. So I thought id share what I listen to at work (when Im opening it) and what allows me to get writing, and whatever it is I need to get done finished. 

When I want a relaxed yet upbeat to provide a calm atmosphere, I tend to lean towards these:

Romantic Ballads

Chill Hits 

Cozy Blends

Sad Hour

Just good music 

This is Celtic Thunder

Jazz for Study 

Chill Love 

All the Feels 

Bang Chan’s Room

This is Eric Nam

This is BTS 

Cozy Acoustic Morning

Bridgerton Official Playlist

Lazy Jazz Cat

Piano Ballads

Hanging out and Relaxing

Easy Morning Wake up

Acoustic Covers

Blues Origins

Melancholy Instruments

Chill Dinner

Coffee + Chill

Easy Like Sunday Morning

When I need background and im not going to focus on it entirely this is what I play:

Wor K Out

Beast mode Latin

Millenials Radio 

This is AC/DC 

Fast and Furious Soundtrack (all movies)

Taki Taki Rumba

Mood Booster

Stray Kids’ Leader Bang Chans Playlist

This is Stray Kids

Halloween Party

This is Fletcher

Cal’s Playlist

Broken Heart 

30AF Bop or Flops

Dwayne Johnson’s Iron Paradise tour 

I.M Mix

If the World was Ending 

This is Lewis Capaldi

Latin Pop Hits

Mega Hit Mix

Doom Eternal Soundtrack

Classic Oldies

This is King Princess

The Cleaning Playlist

This is Nickelback (i love them)

This is 5 Seconds Of Summer

Rainy Day Country 

This is Ed Sheeran

This is Matchbox Twenty 

Walk Like a Badass


Kpop Dance Party

There’s more im missing but thats what I’ve been playing most recently, and it depends on the mood im in, so these aren’t in order. I constantly change things up to help bring the dopamine and endorphins going while im working, whether it be at home or before the store opens and im prepping it for the public to enter. These are mostly from Spotify and are good to play anytime; just be prepared for ads should you have the free app. 

Im off for the day, so I hope you are having a wonderful day and stay safe out there! 

Till Next Time,

Main Image by Piyapong Saydaung from Pixabay

Playlist of the day: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Marathon


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