ADHD and Technology

I find it fascinating how tech and ADHD seem to be an oil and water situation or mixes like butter and sugar. It can help in many ways to keep us focused and keep the attention of the ADHD person but can also drag the attention away from whatever you need to do. 

I have some tech things I thought about very carefully, and I think they are a smart investment and will give its money’s worth of use back to me.

These are items I think are worth the money and can help:

Smartwatch/Fitbit: It helps to track my sleep, reminds me of things, reminds me to drink/get moving and sends texts my way so im say my boss is texting/calling meanwhile im with a customer I know or if there’s an emergency I can get that immediately. 

Switch: now I dont play alot of games, I mostly play animal crossing and some Mario games but I love it it’s portable and it gives me something to do while watching a show, taking a break and/or distracting others from whatever it is they need to be distracted from. 

My Laptop: I tend to do copious amounts of research/writing. Now I did have to get a new one as my older one has just decided that freezing and shutting down was the best thing to do. I have wiped it and restarted, and it just continues this, so as much as it pained me I upgraded to one thats a bit smaller and can be easy to carry/pack should I want to bring it somewhere with me. 

A tech holder: I have ones it’s a little cheapy thing, and it holds my phone while I watch movies/videos on it, and it’s fantastic, I haven’t video chatted anyone, but I imagine it will be pretty useful to hold it up still so I can talk with my hands as I naturally do. 

Decent Bluetooth headphones: nothing fancy but a good pair. I tend to use the over-ear more over the inner ear for walking or when I need to charge my over-ear ones. I have a cheap pair of wired headphones as a backup when I dont have either. The most I’d spend on headphones is $80 before tax, but there’s multiple under that is pretty good for the price!

A long arse charging cable (8ft-10ft): It is suitable for when you may be stuck in bed or need a bit more wiggle room or something on the like. It’s very handy especially if your plug is further away from you. 

In some ways, technology can improve by giving reminders, keeping you on track, assisting with reading/writing/learning among other things. It’s amazing what we can do with the new stuff coming out to help with things we can’t control and make life a little easier.  

Anywho im off for the day, I hope you’re having a wonderful day and stay safe out there!

Till Next Time,

Main Image by israelbest from Pixabay

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