Penguin Town

I’ve been sitting here just doing some little things and I put on Penguin Town for background noise and oh my god it’s so fricking cute!! It’s on Netflix, and it follows a group of penguins in Simon’s Town and Mr &Mrs B are my favourite so far. Junior is pretty funny and determined to do things his way when it’s not really going to work that way. 

Im only partway through season one and it’s a short series and they are releasing the second series (hopefully) in the summer of 2022 to follow up on these delightful families and maybe some new ones? We’ll find out once it’s released. Im having a wonderful time and the narrator is just perfect for the job! 

I highly recommend watching it cause it’s quite like reality tv in a way but it’s focused on penguins over humans, 20/10 will watch again. 

Im off for the day, I hope everything is going well! 

Till Next Time,


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