ADHD and Colds

*I wrote this a few days ago, and I was feeling a lot rambly and trying to do something useful when I felt like garbage, so im not sure how good this is, but I edited it enough to be easier to read. I dont have a cold anymore thankfully but it always makes me feel uncomfortable and doing something helps with that, now let’s get to the post.*

So im currently down with a cold and I get twitchy when im sitting still for too long. When I say twitchy I mean I can’t sit still, I will start moving my hands or feet, I dont like sitting unless I have something to keep my hands and impulsive side of my brain from yelling at me to get up and start dancing or something. It’s a part of my brain I can’t seem to switch off and I’ve adapted how I do things to maximize my productivity as I can and how I explain it to people to may not understand it at all. 

My brain is like the roadrunner, it goes much faster than I can keep up with sometimes. I find the best way to keep it focused is to play something in the background (like an audiobook, music, a nature documentary whatever I feel like at the time) and im able to get whatever I need doing while keeping the impulsive side focused and I tend to retain whatever it is im listening to as well which sometimes freaks people out as I look like im not retaining it. I joke my brain needs two streams to run properly and keep a sustainable pace, most people look at me like im a wee bit nutty when I say that but it’s hard to understand without my brain. 

When im sick I will try to do something that is productive while resting so I dont drive myself up a wall. Like today, im not feeling well at all but I dont want to sit and do nothing, so im writing while listening to David Attenborough tells me stories of animals and the planet. Rest is good, but my brain doesn’t let me rest when sick, so I do what I can to make it rest, and I got a deep restful sleep but it can’t seem to feel tired now, so im hoping that I will tire myself out with this writing and want to take a nap later today or go to bed early. 

Now that I’ve said all that lovely extra bits, this is what I typically do for a sick day:

Put on comfy cozy clothes

Get comfortable on a bed or a couch

Put a movie/Show on in the background

Get an activity out and nearby that id like to do (colouring, drawing, reading, gaming [Switch, cards, Wii whichever], Writing, crocheting/Knitting) 

Have kleenexes, Vicks, lip balm and whatever else I need nearby 

Curl up under blankets, get comfy and take it easy. 

I used to push myself when I got sick and make it much worse, and I’ve learned to listen to my body, do what it needs, and I still occasionally push it but only when I haven’t had enough sleep but need to work (that doesn’t too happen too much). So within the last two years, I decided not to push myself,, and that seems to be working in my favour for the most part.  

Im off to sleep for a bit; I hope your days are going well. 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Mylene2401 from Pixabay 


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