Dreams and Emotions

I had a dark dream that felt way too real last night and it got me a bit shook up today. It’s something im still feeling the edge of because of how real it felt, I talked to the person who was involved and I essentially said: “hey, I just had a dream where this happened, I wanted to let you know I love you and will always be here for you.”, I may have scared them but it was something that helped me to process the fact it wasn’t real. Im still getting teary-eyed writing this at the thought of that dream, its probably going to stick with me all day but it’s amazing how they can stick with you and bring things to light that may be deeply buried in the subconscious. 

I dont have a lot of vivid dreams but the ones I get are pretty memorable sometimes for not the right reasons but thats ok. I didn’t get a very restful sleep after the dream, I cried for about a good 30 minutes in the shock of the emotions that hit me when I woke up. I may need a wee bit of a caffeine boost this afternoon to keep me going, but emotions can really hit you hard and it can be difficult to deal with some of them but it’s good to let them out, it makes for an easier time for you and for anyone in your life (family, partner, support system etc.) once out. 

I think todays a day for the lion king, I watch that alot actually but I watch it most on days when im just not feeling the best and even though I’ve gotten the movie memorized it always catches me off guard and I fall in love with it even more. On days like this im grateful for those in my life who are there for me should I ask or need some support.  Sharing some emotions and feelings can be hard but its good to let go of them, whether it be through therapy, talking to a friend or a family member (born or chosen), screaming into a field, just getting it out so it doesn’t bottle up and break on you. 

Anywho im off for the moment, I hope everyone is staying safe and that luck finds its way to you today! 

Till Next Time,


P.S. If you dont have someone to talk to or just want to get something off your chest, you’re welcome to email me (i won’t tell anyone or share anything you say) and im happy to lend a listening ear and a shoulder for you (the email is adventurewithmegeri@gmail.com 🙂 )

Main Image by Игорь Левченко from Pixabay 


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