Digging for Britan and History

Gran and I tend to sit and watch tv after dinner till about 9 pm, Gran Knitting and me being creative in some way. We tend to watch CSI (and its variations) and vera but sometimes the channels just dont come in. We found Digging for Britan, It’s pretty good! We learn something as we watch and some of the stuff they find is just amazing. 

It shows how dark it could be, how they lived and how they built and survived. We are watching some digs right now and it’s kinda sad to see how they have passed were it be through natural, village-wide, or by accident. I mean we all come down from Vikings in some way, but it’s still a wee bit shocking (in a good way for the most part).  

I love history and there’s still so much I dont know so there’s always something to learn and they are uncovering more every day and improving on what we already know. That being said its good to not just live in the past and be present as well so mixing what you learn from the past into an activity or story can help shape someone’s likes/hobbies and keep a tradition alive (ie: sharing stories learned from generations, sharing recipes, etc.) and in doing so learn from the past as well (the mistakes, how it affected those it was meant to, what can be done to change the track it’s on, etc.). Thats what I like most about history, you can see what happened from beginning to end like a puzzle. And like a puzzle sometimes you dont see the whole picture till you get all of the details, the smallest of details gruesome or not can bring the whole picture to light. History can whether it’s good or bad show you that everyone is human and that is something everyone has in common regardless of status, income, health, and whatever else can be seen/heard. 

History comes up with some gruesome characters, some delightful ones that left too early either way they all contributed to the world as it is today and those who are good will always be remembered even if they aren’t written about, they will be told about through stories down the line and be remembered that way. 

Im off for the day, I hope you are all having a wonderful day and stay safe! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Pexels from Pixabay


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