A Look Back On The Year

This past year has been quite interesting. Many good, some bad but all in all, not bad.

January- I started it laid off from my job, taking classes on skillshare and writing posts up for the blog. 

Feb/March/April? (I dont remember when I started back): Back into the store and working curbside while handling the admin things and assisting with some repairs coming in. Writing in my free time, crafting and sleeping if i could.

March/April/May?-August: I was acting manager of the store till BFG came in and wrote in my spare time while taking random writing classes through skillshare. 

August-Dec: BFG has been looking out for the store, and I’ve been coming in part-time and writing/reworking the blog to get it to where im happy and finding more joy in writing. 

This blog is something I wasn’t sure where it’s going, and I still don’t really. I just write what I feel like, and I try not to push anything that doesn’t feel right. I’ve made the progress and the change that can be seen/read as you go back to the beginning.  It’s been a year of reflection and learning for me. Learning ways to be most productive, handle my ADHD and being in social settings after not being in them for a good while, and get out of my head and share what I feel/think with those close to me. 

This year has had ups and downs, but it has shown me things I didn’t think I knew. It has strengthened bonds with some of those and showed me that even if we dont talk every day, some will show support if I ever need it. I’ve realised my self-sabotage is ironically the language in which I prefer to contact others, and im relearning how not to do those negative things so I can communicate clearly to those around me.  Many things have happened while we were all stalled and waiting for the other shoe to drop; many good memories have been made this year, and im grateful to those I got to experience them. 

I am curious about what you guys like about the blog and if there’s something you’d like to see more of, so I added a feedback button to a few of the pages if you want to fill it out. 

Im going to be taking a wee break from Dec 25th to Dec 27th, and I’ll be back with more posts and things! 

Im off for the day, and I hope you’re having a lovely holiday and keeping safe! Merry Christmas! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Willfried Wende from Pixabay 


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