Boosters, Haircuts and Wisdom Teeth

They opened up the booster shot availability in my area as of monday (Dec 20) and the sites have been quite busy! Im on a waitlist with a local pharmacy and im so excited to be able to get the booster and hopefully have a stronger immune system. I’ll take a shot every year (like the flu shot) happily if im able to and they do that, I think it’s something that should be done anyways. 

I got my haircut this past Saturday, and it’s quite cute! I got an undercut a month or so ago and I got it touched up because I have a feeling we may go into a shutdown here (they haven’t said anything yet but I have a gut feeling) and I wanted to make sure it got cut in case. I plan on not doing anything with my hair till August 2022, besides trimming it then I plan on dyeing my hair red then. I should have a good amount of regrowth and it should be long enough should anything happen I could still have a decent length. 

It’s been a funky year, lots of things happened simultaneously as it seemed nothing happened, and I just realized that my top wisdom teeth are growing in as im writing this so thats fun. It may be a wee bit annoying in the future but for now, it’s ok. 

Im off for the day and I hope you have a delightful rest of your day! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by SupremeRyan from Pixabay 


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