My Break and Chai Tea

I took a wee break from Dec 25th to Dec 27th and it was glorious. I was thinking of my next moringa chai tea as well so I get quite happy thinking of my next mornings coffee/tea (currently drinking Folders Caramel coffee and PC Chai Tea)! 

We had a small dinner on Dec 25th, it was really nice, we got to spend some quality time together and some amazing food (we have some good chefs in the family). 

On the 26th I spent the day relaxing, I was watching Death Note (im currently on episode 35) while putting away clothes, painting my nails and looking up cross-stitch patterns and doing a little bit of writing. Also going through old emails is cathartic as heck!!  I highly recommend it! 

On the 27th I finished up some stuff for surprises, and I deep cleaned my room (i got out of a depressive rut and it helped alot). I also did some writing I find doing some every day is nice and keeps me from getting bored. 

On Dec 28th I finished death note (so good), I will say I was expecting a more dramatic ending but it was a good way to end the show. Besides that, I’ve been cleaning up the computer, doing some writing (this post and others) and wondering what colour im dyeing my hair once august comes around next year.  

I dont take breaks too often, I tend to have to be forced to take vacation days cause I feel useless taking them and like im not using the time wisely (working on the negative thoughts, it’s gotten quite less mean as it used to be) however this time I didn’t feel that. It was a nice break and I was easy on myself and I think I may struggle with Christmas in the future but it will get easier knowing I have my support people who will be there should I need them during the holidays. 

Anywho thats all I have for today so I’ll be off. I hope you had a nice break and if you’re struggling I hope you know you’re not alone and if you want you’re welcome to reach out here or to any of your local/national support lines if you are needing support, please dont wait to reach out if you need it!! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay


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