Death Note, Organizing and Witchy Things

Death Note, my gosh was it good! When I first started it, I was a little unsure of how it would go, and I was pleasantly surprised! I really liked L, they were quite the thinker, and I enjoyed watching the thought process! Some of the later characters were wonderfully written, and I think N should have been brought in earlier than they had him in. The anime did reach a high point, and it did fall a wee bit after that making the ending good, but I feel like it could have had a stronger ending (personal opinion). 

It did an excellent job of showing the rise and fall of Light and the changes he goes through from when he first finds the book to the very end.  It does feel like more of a suspenseful murder mystery with a healthy dash of analyzing. All in all, I think people should watch it as it’s entertaining and makes you think while providing you entertainment. 

Every year before January 1st (for the last nine or so years), I have this need to organise everything I own and get rid of anything I dont use. Now, this could be because it’s a new year coming up, and I want to feel like im getting my shit together or taking out the negative from the past year. This past year I’ve been changing out what I dont use, and if I need to replace something, I’ve done it carefully and in my budget. I have several things that I keep forgetting to go through, and after going through some today, it was very lovely and I now know what I have for writing/drawing supplies and what I dont need anymore or dont think I will use. Im making a master list of things that I will need to replace eventually as im going through items, and if I find something that is usable, in good condition and something I won’t use, I will find it a good home as I dont want it to go to waste.  

Im eventually going to go through everything I own but for right now im sticking to what I can see and when it gets to spring I’ll get to what’s not immediately available and it’s gone down quite a bit but its still not down to where it could be (i have a fair amount of little things, im a sentimental person with lots of hobbies so I have many a selection).

Eventually, I plan on having a room where I have my art and crafting supplies are held, and I can paint/make a mess in a controlled manner. Maybe putting all my books on a shelf wall, and using it for more than just books eventually. I think id like to have my own little place maybe by the water or at least with a view of the water so I can see or maybe hear it. I just love being by the water, it’s soothing, something is always happening (animals stopping by, boats going up or down) and you always get some good shots of the view. 

I got a pack of tarot cards the other day and I think it’s fascinating looking into the history of the practice of tarot reading. I’ve been dabbling in tarot reading, paganism, Wicca and such cause its something that I didn’t really talk about alot growing up, I didn’t see it too much on screens until I left home for college and felt a bit more free to explore what I found interesting. Now im not practising however I do have several books im going to listen to (once I finish the current read) on the history of paganism (and the like) and what has been found as it essentially got squashed once Christianity was widespread. 

Learning is fun, it’s something I hope to do every single day till I pass. With that im off, today got rather rambly and im feeling a bit tired as im ending this. I hope your day is lovely and you and yours are staying safe!

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Vinson Tan ( 楊 祖 武 ) from Pixabay 

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