Steezy and Self-care

I decided to give steezy a try after multiple ads and some people I know saying it’s fun and gives them something new to learn (and keeps them moving). Now im a shy person so dancing is not something I feel comfortable doing unless I have more than three or four drinks in me (it’s been a while for that to happen) then I dont care cause I’ve lost all shyness and dont care at that point.  Anywho I really like it, im a bit uncoordinated in general so I got some bruises but I enjoy dancing and it gets me up and moving when im not working cause I hyperfocus and can sit for hours on end. I’ve been doing stretching/yoga a few times a week so I dont get too stiff and lower my anxiety/stress (my heartbeat is sometimes at 115 when im just sitting relaxing,  it has something to do with my anxiety and random intrusive thoughts), it’s something that I’ve been working on and it’s gotten under control. 

Some of the things that I do for self-care won’t make sense to some but it’s the little things that just make it easier to go about the day like giving myself a head massage when im washing/conditioning my hair,  getting ready for work or an event early so I have time to read/prepare to see people, doing a facemask after washing my face for the night, having a long phone cord so when im waking up and not feeling like being social or leaving my bed, keeping to a loose routine despite the challenges of the day, writing in the journal to get words out that I can’t yet say. It’s just something to help keep me sane and help balance out the negative feelings and thoughts. 

It’s been a rough day today, im not one for sharing it with people as it happens for the most part but today seems to be stronger than usual so I thought id use it to create something and lighten the load on my shoulders and heart seem to have today. I know my sleep affects it and I fell asleep at 5:01 am according to my Fitbit and I woke up at 7:30 am and was just not feeling like being out of bed so I finally left my bed about 10 am or so. On days like this I take it even easier and try to just function as best as I can without putting further stress on myself and taking out anything on someone else. 

I did some dancing to help lessen the mood, it worked but im still feeling a bit of a heavy shoulder/heart but it’s much lighter after writing this and reading a bit today. 

Im off for the day, I hope you’re having a wonderful day and keeping safe! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay 


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