Winter Headbands and ADHD

I go through periods where I’ll be really into crocheting or whatever else keeping me interested (i have many hobbies) and brings serotonin. Right now im switching from bookmaking/watercolour painting to crocheting and calligraphy. I got a calligraphy pen (a fantastic birthday gift!), and I’ve been working on different fonts and styles; it’s quite fun. 

Anywho I decided to make some headbands as im not a big fan of hats during winter, but it’s Canada, so winters can be cold as heck. Headbands and hats are essential once it reaches a certain temperature; I’ll wear a hat if it gets -30 cause thats cold for the top of the head. I’ve made a headband for a kid so far, and im working on one for me or at least one for an adult size but kids could probably wear too (i have a small head). 

My ADHD had been nuts today but I was able to get my giant knot out of my ball of yarn so I feel I was productive even if there wasn’t much to show it. I dont have many words coming out now so I’ll end the post here, I hope you and yours are well and some good news comes your way! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by gayleenfroese2 from Pixabay 


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