Latte Memories Part 2

I was writing The Healing Power of Baths and Latte Memories, and I realised that it would be quite long, so I broke it up into two parts so it wouldn’t be a long, long read. Like I said in my post, I used to work at a coffee counter (well, three different companies; it but all essentially the same thing), and I loved it; I can’t say I was perfect, but it was much fun. I still love the smell of coffee, and it makes me so happy!  As a side note im happy I can sleep in now; I would start work around 6:30 am, but it took roughly an hour and a half to get there, so I would get up around 4:30 am and leave my house at 5 am to run and catch my bus. 

The bus system was notorious for being late (still is), and if you wanted to get anywhere on time, it’s safer to get to the stop earlier, so if the bus wasn’t coming or the first one was late, you were able to get to where you needed to go without being late because the buses just never showed up. I used to take sometimes 3 or 4 buses to get to where I needed to go; in the morning and afternoon, I’d take different routes. I was awake before one of the buses near where I lived that’d take me from my house to the main stop, so I would walk there, and on a nice day, I loved it. I got into a habit to stop and get a coffee before heading to the stop, the people working at the counter got used to seeing me, and it was fun to meet the people on the night shift. The sunrise mixed with the coffee and the people I met, it made for quite a lovely morning. I got to meet the group there, and we would all gather in a group and exchange chitchat and stories while waiting in the morning, and it got to be a highlight for me. Each stop had a group of people id talk to, and some were from the building, some weren’t, but those people are in my thoughts always, and I do hope they are doing well!  

It took about an hour to get to work and sometimes three different buses; thankfully, some of the buses ran some of the same stops, so it wasn’t bad; it just required more of a walk some days. It took me an hour and a half to get home too, so I got audible to entertain myself when my bus friends got off at their stops. I enjoyed stopping a stop before mine when it was nice out, there are some nice walking paths between the stops, and you can see some cute dogs when walking there. There’s a particular spot where I have many pictures of it, and it looked magical; ducks loved it, people would sit down there, and I always took a few moments when passing by. 

Below are some of the pictures I’ve taken in that spot; just looking at them, I feel peaceful. 

I dont miss too much about the city I used to live in, but I did like that it kept the paths and had nature between all of the city aspects. The stores are open longer; it feels like you could be alone while being surrounded by people, coffee shops every few blocks, and something strange happening at every chance. I like the smaller town life; it does sometimes feel like everyone knows everything but with covid, it feels as if the rumours and everything else that can be spread is a bit nicer (or im just not talking to the people who are spreading the rumours). Let’s be real though, im not super social, so thats why im not hearing things; I only really talk to 12 people at most on the regular and to customers when they come by the store.  

Im going to be off for the day; I hope you are all having a lovely day and staying safe!! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay


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