Crime Shows and Romance Plots

Lately, the tv shows gran, and I watch are beginning to show reruns of the reruns, and Netflix was our next option. Going through the shows and movies and gran found Stay Close; I thought it sounded good, and I went with it. I kept an open mind watching it as im not usually a fan of some crime shows/movies; I like the books cause I dont see the graphic details as graphic in my head. That being said, I kept an open mind, but I dont think it’s my cup of tea after sitting through the first episode; it feels just dang dark. I love doctor Reid, and I think he got way more bad happening to him than needed; Matthew Gray Gubler is one of my favourite people on the internet to date; hes such a lovely weird human. 

Anywho back to crime shows, I find some too dark, especially since shows for tv viewing have different guidelines to follow for certain times of the day over straight to streaming services. Now some shows arent meant for me too, understandable. I love a good drama, but I feel like the newer shows are forced in some ways; Im finding it hard to get out thoroughly, but thats the closest I can get right now. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching older shows (starting in 1997), they aren’t as graphic, and there’s drama without being over the top.  

I can’t watch some murder mysteries if they have more of a thriller, heavy on the suspense vibe. Something about thrillers scares the living Jesus out of me, I can’t sit through them, and I jump so easily. The scariest movie I’ve ever seen is Prom Night (2008), and according to some of my friends, it’s not a movie thats supposed to be super scary like I thought, but everyone has a different gauge of what’s scary or not.

Stay Close, for me, is on the same scale as the last seven seasons of Criminal minds. It’s a bit real feeling which isn’t a bad thing, it’s good they know what they are doing, and the actors are absolutely fantastic! The accents are delightful, and the scenery is amazing, im sure later on into the series, it will stay the same! 

 Crime shows, in a way following a romance plot, someone gets murdered, they start investigating, someone who could tell investigators something gets killed, they have some hijinks, they end up finding the killer and putting everything together for the prosecutors and the rest. Romance plots have two people who generally dont get along or just meet; they agree to be civil, then something dramatic happens, and they end up falling for each other. I love a good romance; it boosts serotonin and makes one feel that there is some good being sprinkled in the world (i hope that makes sense). 

Anywho words are starting to come out funky, so im off for the day; I hope all is ok with you and yours and everyone is staying safe! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay


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