Crochet and Midsomer Murders

I’ve been in a crafting mood, and I have finished my headband; I added a wee bit of a style on the front, so it’s not quite like the pattern I made them with. The pattern I used is linked here , I do enjoy it but added a single crochet row between the trinity stitches, and it turned out quite nicely! Im very proud of the headband, and I have one made for a child/infant; it’s a matching colour to so it’s a cute set. 

A few people who are getting things together to sell items at a table, im thinking of contributing some of the items I’ve made to the table. I do have to think of the pricing and tagging of things while I have the thought to do so (distractions are something that I find as easy as one could find reasons to do something some days). I’ve been making smaller things as well, little embroidery pieces, hats, headbands, a scarf and some other things; crafting is a fun way to release stress and other things clouding the mind. 

Midsomer Murders has been my show of choice to craft, clean, and write too. So far im on season 5, and it’s gone through quite the change from the beginning; I enjoy it, and I think three are some things that are dated in the show, but it’s entertaining all around. 

Im off for the day; I hope all is well and you have a wonderfully cozy monday!

Till Next Time,


Main Image by xxolaxx from Pixabay


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