Cooking and Jelly Bellys

I got a pack of jelly belly’s for Christmas and I dont remember if I’ve ever picked them up or eaten them in the last 10 or so years. So I thought id give a little review and I have to say my favourites are buttered Popcorn, chocolate pudding, and the sour ones. The buttered popcorn hit the sweet and savoury and I would love to find a full bag of it to snack on randomly, the chocolate pudding is just perfectly chocolatey while in amazingly wonderful amounts.  

So on to the beans,  Jelly Belly Flavours on a scale of 0-10;  

Buttered Popcorn – 10/10 (would eat entire bag)

Chocolate Pudding- 10/10 (would eat entire bag)

Cotton Candy – not bad, 5/10

Raspberry Jam – 10/10 

Strawberry Jam – 9/10 

Sour Cherry – 10/10 (would eat entire bag)

Sour Apple – 10/10 (would eat entire bag)

Very Cherry – 2/10

Sunkist Lemon – 10/10 ( would eat entire bag)

Green Apple – 4/10

Orange Sherbert – 6/10 

Blueberry – 3/10

Watermelon – 1/10 (watermelon is hit or miss I find)

Berry Blue – 0/10 

Peach – 1/10

Bubble Gum – 1/10

Tutti Fruiti – Not in package

Toasted  marshmallow – Not in Package

Red Apple – Not in package

Lemon Lime –  Not in package

Im partial to a few flavours of candy, mainly Caramels, Sour Apple, Sour Cherry, Green Apple Jolly Ranchers, and Watermelon Jolly ranchers. I dont eat too much candy or I try to not, it’s sweet and hurts my stomach if I were to eat too much. Im more of a sour or spicy snack person, especially if it’s in chips, cheezies or sour peaches. I love spicy food, Thai chilli, jalapeno, any spice I love having food that has flavour while making me clear my sinuses, I didn’t as a child and I regret not enjoying spicy food before turning 20 something. 

I have to thank Princess for that, she introduced me to kuttu (i think thats how it’s spelt) its lamb thats roasted in what I think is jalapenos and it’s so nice (I’ve been eating spicy food since then)! I love to add spice to food, I made some sweet and spicy chicken legs tonight and oh my were they amazing! And they weren’t dry which is nice cause I never know how to balance the crispy chicken skin and not a dry centre. I’m not the best cook, I like to do it but I never know what to make which makes for some interesting meals but they usually end up good, I’ve only had maybe 1 out of 30 meals turn out funky. 

Im off for the day, im running out of words here. I hope your day is wonderful and something delightful happens today! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Pexels from Pixabay


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